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Morten Harper
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Why Norwegians now want a referendum on quitting the European Economic Area

Written by Morten Harper, Research Manager at Nei til EU (No to the EU), Norway’s leading organisation campaigning against Norwegian membership of the European Union.

Helle Hagenau hos Vote Leave
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Dear Britain, don't make the same mistake Norway did – you don't want to be inside the EEA

I would love for Norway to follow Britain and get a trade agreement with the EU instead of being tied by the EEA agreement. I want as much as you do, to live in a truly independent and democratic country. May we join you, Prime Minister? Helle Hagenau is Head of International and former Secretary General of No to EU in Norway.

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The British people have delivered a clear rejection of the ambition to create a United States of Europe, which is undermining democracy in Europe.

Four reasons - frontpage
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Four reasons

Four reasons not to join the EU

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SIR – From many EU referendums we are familiar with the tactics the British people are currently experiencing.

Whether the UK leaves the EU or remains is entirely for the British people to decide. But we know from our own experience that the EU system and the government apparatus will do everything possible to inject wild fear about the consequences of daring to oppose them.

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Save Britain's fish – a view from Norway

Do not listen to the scaremongering from ministers and politicians, which is strikingly similar to what EU supporters in Norway said in 1972 and 1994 – scare stories that never materialized. Written by Norwegian fishing skipper Per-Roger Vikten.


"Brexit: The Comic Strip", your antidote against scaremongering, by artist Jørgen Bitsch.

Originally printed in the Norwegian No to EU's booklet Vett nr. 2 2016 .

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The Norway model? Trade union leader insists country is freer and richer OUTSIDE the EU

A LEADING Norwegian trade unionist has painted British voters a vision of a richer and freer country OUTSIDE the EU.

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Brexit: 'There will be no Armageddon after EU referendum' say former MP and Leave campaigners

THERE is life after a European Union referendum "out" vote and no Armageddon. That was the view of two Norweigian skippers who met with fellow EU Leave campaigner and former Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell.

Samsung Korea
Artikkel (enkel)

Is there a viable alternative to the EEA Agreement that can be based on more modern trade and integration practices on the EU’s part?

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