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No to the EU is the Norwegian No Movement; an antiracist and pan political organization which strives for Norwegian sovereignty and independence from the European Union.


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The Norwegian parliament has disregarded the people and the Constitution

22. mars 2018

"The struggle against the EU Energy market package and ACER has triggered fierce opposition and strong feelings among the Norwegian people, not heard of since the EU referendum in 1994," says Kathrine Kleveland, leader of 'No to the EU'.

Why Norwegians now want a referendum on quitting the European Economic Area

10. mai 2017

Published in Written by Morten Harper, Research Manager at Nei til EU (No to the EU), Norway’s leading organisation campaigning against Norwegian membership of the European Union.

The EEA: A Warning from Norway

06. feb. 2017

This research paper, The EEA: A Warning from Norway, is written by Helle Hagenau, Head of International and former Secretary General of No to EU in Norway.

Dear Britain, don't make the same mistake Norway did – you don't want to be inside the EEA

02. feb. 2017

On Friday morning the High Court chose to block a legal case that sought to make triggering Article 127of the European Economic Area (EEA) Treaty subject to parliamentary authorisation.