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No to the EU is the Norwegian No Movement; an antiracist and pan political organization which strives for Norwegian sovereignty and independence from the European Union.


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Norwegian Supreme Court to rule on ‘unconstitutional’ transfer of sovereignty 

25. sep. 2023

Transfer of authority to the EU Energy Agency ACER is at odds with the Norwegian Constitution, according to the civil action claim against the State Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Stakes are high in the EEA after Norwegian general election

20. sep. 2021

Should the EEA Joint Committee choose to incorporate the Railway Package in disregard of the Norwegian electoral vote, it could endanger the legitimacy of the EEA Agreement.

Norway Is Moving to the Left – And Rethinking Its EU Relations

09. sep. 2021

Ahead of the election on 13th of September: The parties opposed to EU mebership and the EEA Agreement — the Red Party, Socialist Left Party and Centre Party — are expected to make significant gains.

Railway package could derail the EEA Agreement

29. april 2021

Norwegian authorities propose to undermine the EFTA pillar in the European Economic Area Agreement, replacing the system of two separate pillars with just one. In doing so, the fundamental principles of the EEA Agreement are put at stake.

Women in Europe side by side in defence of public welfare!

03. nov. 2019

Statement from the Women's Conference in Oslo: "Women from Norway, Denmark and France stand united in defence of high quality universal and publicly funded welfare and health services."

ACER lawsuit putting the rule of law in Norway to test

20. sep. 2019

The Norwegian State objects to let the court have its say on the ACER lawsuit put forward by No to the EU. This is not worthy of a country where the rule of law should prevail.

Transfer of authority to EU agencies violates the Constitution and the EEA Agreement

15. nov. 2018

Statement from the No to EU Congress 2018: The EU is expanding based on expert leverage and complex procedures in order to circumvent the rule of law and national control mechanisms.

Norway is closer to London than Brussels

06. sep. 2018

We knew leaving the EU would be a mess, but a clean Brexit should strengthen future relations between Britain and Norway.